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November 1, 2023—THANKFUL THURSDAY

Sherry Smith-Wooten's Thanksgiving Reflections: Family, Faith, and the Blessings of Plainview, AR

Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings and reflect on the moments that have touched our hearts. For Sherry Smith-Wooten, her most memorable Thanksgiving takes her back to 2011, a year filled with love and new beginnings. It was the year when the "kiddos" joined their family, and that Thanksgiving was a remarkable milestone. The day was made even more special by the creation of "hand" turkeys, a craft that now serves as a cherished symbol of togetherness and growth.

Sherry's heart overflows with gratitude as she considers the many blessings in her life. Her unwavering faith in God provides guidance and solace, while the love of her family surrounds her with warmth and support. Fur babies bring joy and companionship, and good friends are the pillars of her social circle. Their presence makes every day a little brighter.

Good health is a gift that enables Sherry to embrace life fully, and the ability to work and provide for her loved ones is a blessing she treasures. Weekends offer moments of rest and rejuvenation, and the freedom to make choices and shape her destiny is a privilege she never takes for granted. Forgiveness and the opportunity to learn from mistakes have been powerful forces in Sherry's life, helping her grow and become a better version of herself.

Sherry has been a proud resident of Plainview, AR, for an impressive 47 years. Plainview holds a special place in her heart, and what she's most thankful for about her hometown is the sense of continuity it offers her family.

Her children have had the unique opportunity to grow up in the same town where she did, despite the changes that have occurred over the years. The community's deep-rooted connections and the familiarity of neighbors watching over their children as they play outside provide a sense of support and safety that's hard to find elsewhere.

As Sherry gathers with her loved ones this Thanksgiving, she is reminded of the true essence of the holidayto appreciate the love, connections, and the enduring bonds that enrich our lives.

With a grateful heart, she embraces the blessings of family, faith, and the beloved town of Plainview, AR, that has played such a significant role in shaping her life.

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Michelle Vales
Michelle Vales
Nov 02, 2023

You have a beautiful family, Sherry!

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