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The Yates Band and Ron Wayn

Frontier Day is getting closer. And this year, the live music lineup is off the charts. Get ready for a day full of fun, community spirit, and fantastic live entertainment. 🎉🎶

The lineup looks amazing! The Yates Band and Ron Wayn are sure to bring some incredible vibes to the event. The music is going to be one of the highlights, and I'm sure everyone will be dancing and singing along. 🎵🕺💃

The Yates Band

The Yates Band is kicking off Frontier Day from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Get ready to groove to their tunes and enjoy their electrifying performance.

They know how to engage the crowd and create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Ron Wayn

And then, as the afternoon unfolds, it's time for Ron Wayn to take the stage from 2:00 to 3:00 PM.

His music is sure to keep the energy levels high and ensure that everyone is having a blast. 🎸🎤

Mark Your Calendar

Frontier Day is all about celebrating our community and having a fantastic time together. From the live music to the delicious food, local vendors, and all the exciting festivities, it will be a day you won't want to miss. Make sure to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join in on the fun!

So, mark your calendar for September 23rd, 2023, starting at 10:00 AM and going until 4:00 PM.

It's going to be a jam-packed day full of joy, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. 🎈🎉

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