Volunteers may be needed to help in all areas of an event including any Plainview Events Committee Information/Welcome booth(s). 

All volunteers are scheduled in shifts during the hours they are available only.

Retail, Market, and Food Vendors

Click here to submit your application to be one of our preferred vendors at Plainview events. Once approved, you will be the first to receive notification of each event happening in Plainview. Registration details for each event will be included in your notification.

Booth: Depending on the location of the event, vendor booths will be no larger than 12x12. Some events may require smaller 10x10 areas. Registration details for each event will specify the size of the allotted space. 

Electricity: A limited number of spaces have access to electricity.  Please be specific on your application with your electrical needs. Personal generators are allowed for outdoor events if they are run silently.


Your responsibilities as a vendor include:

  • Collecting sales tax on all sales. You will be issued a Department of Finance and Administration sales tax envelope when you arrive.  This is to be completed and returned to the Information Booth before you leave.
  • Staying open during the entire event and not breaking down until the event is closed, or otherwise advised.
  • Providing visible and clear pricing for items being sold in your booth.
  • Having a neat, attractive, and well-maintained booth area. You are responsible for setting up, maintaining, and removing trash from your vendor area.

Vendor fees are non-refundable and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

Late entries may be accepted, if space is available, with a late entry fee.

Click here for a vendor application. Approved vendors will be notified when registration begins for each event. Preference will be given to event Sponsors and Yell County residents. 


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